NXT COVID-19 Outbreak Seemingly Caused Due To NXT Superstar Party

A COVID-19 outbreak took place in NXT recently. Due to this, the company had to change several plans for the show. This also extended to this week’s NXT as well. Now it seems a  cause for the spreading of the virus has been revealed.

It seems the reason for the spread of the outbreak was due to a party held by an NXT Superstar. The party was attended by several other Superstars and trainees. According to a report by PW Insider, the belief is that the virus was transferred from asymptomatic individuals at the party, which then spread to others present.

“The belief among several sources is that the outbreak started after a NXT talent threw a party that fellow trainees attended, leading to an asymptomatic transmission of the virus that then spread among those who work and train in the Performance Center.”

The report also stated that due to the outbreak, Superstars who are usually not involved in high profile matches were included in the Gauntlet Eliminator match. The women’s battle royal also included Superstars who were never seen on WWE television in order to fill out the match.