Sandman Getting Lots of Heat Regarding Comments

On Saturday, The Sandman was performing a match at Wrestlecade. Prior to the women’s match in the main event, he said the following to Jordynne Grace and 3 other female talents, loud enough for everyone in the locker room to hear:

”Women main eventing is ‘wrong’ and ‘any male wrestler with any sort of experience would agree’.”

After which, he would go around to other male talent at the event and ask if they agree. This led to Grace posting the following on Twitter:

Since posting this Tweet, several male and female talent from numerous promotions have come forward to both defend Grace and the idea of women main eventing wrestling promotions. Here are a few of them:

According to Grace, there is much more that was said, but it was too long for Twitter:

Our own reporter, Jayson Shepherd, was in attendance and had the following report to say about it:

”I was at the show last night at WrestleCade. She was injured and unable to compete, but Tessa cut a promo before the main event women’s fourway. According to Tessa, “a wrestler who’s famous for always having a beer in his hands” told her, Jordynne Grace, Rosemary, & Taya Valkyrie that women shouldn’t be in the main event. Tessa said “He told us it’s not because he doesn’t have faith in the women. It’s because he doesn’t have faith in you – the fans – being able to accept women as the main event.” Without Tessa calling him out by name, everyone knew who she was talking about. The entire room, which was packed with people standing just outside the entrance, broke out into a “Fuck Sandman” chant.

”Jordynne, Rosemary, Taya, & Su Yung (Tessa’s replacement in the match) absolutely killed it in the main event. They brawled in the ring, around the ring, and throughout the stands, including Taya dragging Jordynne down my row. At the end of the match, the crowd gave all four women a standing ovation for what many people in attendance called the match of the night.

”This afternoon, I told Tessa that her, Jordynne, Rosemary, Taya, Su, & Sandman were being talked about all over Facebook, Twitter, & other social media sites. Tessa told me she hadn’t been on social media in a few days, but she’s glad fans are talking about this situation.”