Seth Rollins Reveals He Almost Passed Out During WrestleMania 35 Entrance

WWE debuted a new online show on Thursday entitled “Break It Down.”

The premiere episode featured Universal Champion Seth Rollins discussing top matches from his career in an eleven-minute segment.

While talking about his WrestleMania 35 match against Brock Lesnar, Rollins revealed that he almost passed out during his entrance after finding out on short-notice that they were going on first.

“I’m just hustling in my gear, trying to get out there, and a funny story – I was so amped up, so fired up for that match, and for Brock Lesnar, that I legitimately almost passed out on my entrance. 

No joke. I don’t know if you can catch it, but there’s like a moment where I’m drifting kind of back to the center of the ramp, and I’m glossed over. Because you know when you get so fired up, it’s that feeling like you’ve been laying down or sitting down for too long, and you stand up and you get lightheaded, that’s what I had. And it was to the point where you start going ‘woah, woah, woah,’ and I recovered just in time to walk down the ramp and and beat Brock Lesnar.

But that was the moment right there where I didn’t know if it was gonna happen. Thought they were going to have to cart me off the stage. Wouldn’t that have been a great opening to WrestleMania?”

You can check out footage of his entrance around the 8:45 mark in the video embedded above.

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