Shawn Michaels On Lighting The Fuse For WWE Superstar

Shawn Michaels talked about being part of the angle that setup Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam in new comments on the State of Combat Podcast. Here’s an excerpt:

“I never know when the phone call is going to come and I’m going to jump on a plane,” Shawn explained. “I was just sort of doing what I was asked to do. If nothing else, with all these years later, after 30 years, I’m a pretty good employee. I just do what I am told, so to speak. It was fun to do but there was absolutely no thought of me and Dolph or anything like that. It was always going to be Bill Goldberg, but perhaps they needed somebody to light the fuse for Dolph Ziggler in that respect and I was the guy to do it as best as I could.”

H/t for the quote.