Six WWE Superstars Suffer Head Injuries In One Week

In total, six WWE superstars suffered head injuries this past week.

Roderick Strong, Marcel Barthel and Alexander Wolfe were knocked out at some point during the eight-man tag team match at Worlds Collide. Wolfe was actually taken out of the match early after being knocked out.

On last week’s episode of Raw, Rey Mysterio, Riddick Moss and Samoa Joe suffered head injuries during matches. It was evident during Mysterio’s match against MVP that something was off, so Mysterio suffering a head injury explains it (video of that match is embedded above). Joe was injured when he dove through the ropes and he was removed from his match. Moss didn’t work Raw but he worked Cedric Alexander in a bout before Raw that was taped for WWE Main Event, so that’s probably where he suffered his head injury. Moss debuted on Raw later in the night with Mojo Rawley.

At press time there is no update for how long these names will be out. Returns from concussions are variable and have to do completely with symptom resolution.


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