The Undertaker Talks His Mom Cussing At Triple H

The Undertaker has had a prolific career in WWE during his thirty years in the company. However, he is still just a son to his mother. It seems his mother is always open to speaking her mind and stand up for her son whenever possible. She has cut promos on WWE Superstars she does not like backstage.

The Undertaker recently spoke to Hot Ones, where he opened up about his mother. He revealed that his mother yelled at Shane McMahon as she thought he hit him with too much force. He then said that he reluctantly had to stop taking his mother to WWE events as they seemed far too real to her. Here is what he said:

My mom scolded a lot of people. It got to the point that I had to quit bringing her to the shows when I went to Houston. She will cuss Triple H to this day. I’m 6’10” 320 pounds, I’m still her baby, right? She thinks she has to help me.”

“It was WrestleMania in Dallas that’s where I wrestled Shane McMahon in Hell in a Cell. So, she was exposed to everyone on TV. I think she cut promos on everyone she didn’t like.”