Tony Khan Reveals AEW Plans On Making Many Video Games

AEW has a lot of things planned for the upcoming year and that includes their video game project. A huge announcement regarding the AEW game will be shown on November 10th. It is not known what details will be revealed during the announcement, but it seems the company is not only working on one game.

During the post Full Gear virtual media scrum, Tony Khan was asked regarding the upcoming AEW Games announcement. Without delving into details, he said that they are planning on making many video games.

“I can’t say too much. We’re making multiple games. We’re working on more than one game in AEW Games and we’re going to cater to multiple platforms. We’re going to cater to different kinds of games and different interests. I think we’ll put a title out, a console game that’s best in class for a console game. We’re really excited about it. We have some big surprises to come in 2020. I just can’t say enough, but there’s still time in 2020. The show was great but there is still a lot left this year.”

“That can impact our video game plans and also, we’re going to put something out for those people, like myself, that love putting wrestling cards up together and love to be in the position that I am which is the general manager of AEW. That’ll be fun. There’s going to be a few different titles and then I don’t think we’re going to stop anywhere either. I think we’re going to expand here at AEW Games because it’s a great chance to introduce gaming fans to AEW and introduce AEW to gaming fans, expand and build a business. There’s a lot to come from there.”


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