Triple H Lists WWE Talent He Would Like To Have Match Against

During a recent appearance on the After the Bell podcast with Corey Graves, Triple H discussed which superstars he would like to have a match against.

“If I were to look at it now, clearly for me from the white meat Shawn Michaels-selling babyface side, [Johnny] Gargano. [Tommaso] Ciampa is different – he’s more like my character was and a different style. Velveteen Dream, just the visuals and the image that you could present with him is totally different. It’s hard to put a singular one. Finn Balor would be another one for me, for sure, and I know I’m just stating the same stuff he [Shawn Michaels] did. Then again, you look at somebody like Keith Lee and the stuff that he can do – a big guy like that – and I go like, ‘Man!’ It would be hard not to have something super enjoyable with him.”

H/t for the quote.