Triple H On Release Requests, WarGames, & Survivor Series

Earlier today, Triple H took part in the NXT: TakeOver WarGames media conference call. During the call, he was asked about the recent rash of release requests, among other things. When asked about NXT appearing on future PPV’s with Raw & Smackdown following Survivor Series:

“The intent is to, uh, not to say it won’t happen, because we never say never, but the intent here is for NXT to be a standalone brand and be something different with it’s own feel and texture, just like Raw and Smackdown have their own feel and texture. This is a great opportunity for NXT talent to demonstrate, maybe for those that haven’t had a chance to check out the NXT product, to see what they have to offer.”

Update on Johnny Gargano:

“It’s day to day right now. I’m hoping it’s soon, he’s hoping it’s soon, I don’t know and he doesn’t know exactly what is going to happen. There isn’t anything of structural concern, but a management of the symptoms and him getting past that.”

On what’s been the biggest learning curve for the talent with the move to USA:

“What’s been interesting here is that the talent has kind of made this seamless transition to live. We haven’t had a show yet where we’ve really been like, “Uh, we missed that commercial break”. Every show, we’re not doing this with the same crew, but rather with different crews, with crews that are, and I really like this, that are cutting their teeth in the business. It’s not like Raw and Smackdown that constantly have the same crew.”

In the call, he also mentioned that the open spot on WarGames regarding the Ciampa team, that spot will be filled the day of the event, live on TV. He didn’t mention specifically who it will be, but that everyone will be very excited. On recent release requests:

“For some talent, some of it’s legit. When you get to the bottom of it, there’s a proper way of doing it. I don’t have an understanding of airing it on social media. That’s not a proper way of going about your business. If I have a problem, I don’t go to social media and Twitter, I go to the talent. I watch guys do it all the time and sometimes it’s funny. I think there’s moments in time where someone says something they didn’t mean. It’s a maturity issue of it’s not how you handle business. We all have cell phones, we meet and we discuss it professionally.”

You can take a listen to the entire 40 minute conference call here.


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