Update On Speculation Surrounding Sting To AEW

The rumor mill on Twitter suggests Sting could be headed to AEW.

In a “could be something, could be nothing” story, Sting recently tweeted out a few things in relation to AEW, specifically his appreciation for Lance Archer. He also recently noted how happy he is to see Jake “The Snake” Roberts on national television again.

Following these unsuspecting tweets, the marketing manager of WWE Mattel announced that Sting would no longer be featured in the upcoming action figure line due to “circumstances beyond their control.”

Cody Rhodes even played into the speculation by responding to the action figure news with the now-infamous GIF:

According to PWInsider, this seems to hint that Sting’s relationship with WWE is over, but that has not been confirmed. Cody could simply be playing along with the speculation, or it’s possible that Sting will eventually join AEW.

Since being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016, Sting has not competed inside the squared circle. It’s possible that Sting may have the opportunity to do more behind the scenes or even in-ring by joining the new promotion.