Veteran Confirmed For Undertaker’s Final Farewell

The Undertaker will be having his Final Farewell at Survivor Series. It will be celebrating his thirty years in the professional wrestling world. WWE is making sure it will be a memorable event and this means wrestlers from the older generation of pro wrestling will be appearing.

According to a report by Super Luchas, Savio Vega will be appearing at Survivor Series in order to honor the Deadman. Vega and Undertaker have been good friends for over two decades.

The Boricua Mayor, who participated in WWF as Kwang and Savio Vega will be back to WWE, this time to be present during the retirement of his great friend The Undertaker, who culminates a successful career exactly 30 years after his first appearance in Survivor Series 1990.

It is likely that the Final Farewell will feature several wrestlers who all have history with The Undertaker. He will be present at Survivor Series, but it is not known whether he will be having a match at the pay-per-view.