Why Big E Did Not Have A Match At Survivor Series


It was suggested by several reports that Big E was going to be competing in the Men’s Survivor Series match as part of the Smackdown team. However, he ended up not being in any match on the card.

During the pay-per-view, he went with his New Day partners as they went to the ring to compete against The Street Profits. It seems that was his entire purpose for the night.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that him not being on the card was likely so that he could come down to the ring with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston for their Survivor Series match. They had a special entrance and their attires were the ones their playable Gears of War 5 characters wore as well.

It seems it was done simply as a product tie-in and to have the three of them together again for one night. The New Day went on to lose to The Street Profits.