Will WWE NXT UK Be A Part Of The Brand On The USA Network?

Triple H discussed the possibility of WWE NXT UK being part of the brand on the USA Network during a conference call with members of the media on Friday.

“I think the letters in the front of it say everything about it; I believe there is a banner of NXT sort of an oversight of the brand that permeates broth the brand you see in the UK and in the UK.

I think you’ll see that resonate in other markets around the world. As you see, in the US, NXT making the shift over to the USA Network, the different platform here in the middle of September and moving forward, up to two hours every week.

I definitely intend to have the talent from the UK a big part of that so they are recognized around the world. They will definitely be a big part of that show as well and it will enhance their reputation around the world.”

H/t to SportsKeeda.com for the quote.

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