WWE Currently Interested In MLB Stadium As New Venue

WWE will be departing from the Amway Center in December due to the Orlando Magic needing the venue for their playoffs. The company has yet to decide on a new venue and are currently still looking at their options.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that WWE is interested in te Tropicana Field as their new home. It is a baseball stadium. If they make the move to this stadium, that would give WWE a larger place to work with. However, nothing is finalized as of yet.

John Alba also noted that making Tropicana Field the venue is not impossible. However, the power has gone out several times over the past couple of years, which is something the company has to take into consideration.

It’s not impossible #WWE could run Tropicana Field (an idea @davemeltzerWON discussed), and it would give the it flexibility to run bigger events, but it’s a downgrade in terms of facility quality, and the power has gone out multiple times (!) during Rays games last couple years.


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