WWE Discussing Draft Concept To Build Permanent RAW & SmackDown Rosters

Dave Meltzer reports that WWE officials have been discussing a new Draft concept to build permanent rosters for RAW and SmackDown.

This is a new directive from Vince McMahon, as it was initially reported there would be no major roster changes ahead of SmackDown’s premiere on FOX on Oct. 4, 2019. Plans are being kept quiet, as executives from the USA Network and FOX will be the first to know once the concept is finalized.

There have been arguments for and against using WWE NXT Superstars on RAW to build their names ahead of the brand’s Sept. 18 premiere on the USA Network. Those for the idea believe it will give NXT stars exposure to help the launch. Those against the idea feel any kind of “cross-pollination” on RAW would establish the NXT talent as secondary.

Putting NXT Superstars on RAW ahead of the premiere could also interfere with the vision that higher-ups within the brand have. Triple H’s dream of creating a legitimate third brand of his own just came true but now he has to “play defense” to keep Vince and Kevin Dunn from influencing it.

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