WWE Draft Mistakes, Seth Rollins On SmackDown, Game-Changing Talent For AEW, Banks vs. Bayley

While we all knew it could happen, what are your thoughts about WWE splitting up The New Day?

The reason why WWE split up The New Day is obvious – they want to push Big E as a singles superstar. I see both sides of the argument. Some fans feel there is a big risk with little reward splitting up the trio, while others think the separation will help Big E. I am somewhere in-between. WWE has committed to Big E and they are several months in to pushing him on his own. The New Day has been very successful and WWE could always put Big E back with Kofi and Xavier Woods. Let us see where it goes and if getting Big E away from the other two helps establish him as a viable singles threat. It did not have to happen for Kofi to get a legitimate singles run but WWE has started on Big E before without much success.

What is the outlook for Seth Rollins on SmackDown?

The consensus is positive with Seth Rollins going to SmackDown. I think it is a bad move after firmly establishing him as The Monday Night Messiah. The gimmick was over in a big way and now he will transition to SmackDown’s Savior. This may not seem like a big deal but no part of any over gimmick should ever be taken for granted. The timing is especially odd in the middle of the Murphy/Mysterio program, which has gone on for several months. All parts will move to the blue brand but if WWE planned to move Rollins, they should have wrapped it up sooner.

Who do you think would be a “game-changing” signing for AEW?

This is probably the most common question I have received since resuming this column three months ago. It was a very common question when TNA Wrestling attempting to challenge WWE. Who is the one talent that can move the needle? I do not think it is one talent who can challenge WWE. It is up to AEW to develop an alternative fans want to watch. The course they are on is a solid one and is a much better “long-play” than trying to load up on big names in hopes everything pans out. WCW pulled this card. They signed anyone and everyone, nearly putting Vince McMahon out of business. But when the expenses began to add up and storylines fell flat, the promotion was no longer sustainable. Vince McMahon takes a lot of heat for developing the brand as opposed to focusing on the talent. It is a strategy AEW must utilize if they plan to challenge WWE.

Why would WWE go forth with Bayley vs. Sasha Banks in a forgettable TITLE match on SmackDown that ended in DQ?

WWE felt the best way to setup Bayley vs. Sasha Banks in a Hell in a Cell match was to preface it with the title match on last week’s SmackDown. As I wrote over the weekend, it was rushed and should not have been booked. WWE spent so much time teasing a break between these two they should have never even teased giving away something on television. Thankfully nothing was given away in the “match” on SmackDown but it was a lazy way to setup the Hell in a Cell.

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