WWE Issues Statement On KKK Imagery In Virtual Crowd At Raw

Chris Benoit being featured on the virtual fan board on last night’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw was not the only issue WWE experienced.

There was KKK imagery that made it onto the screen, which caused WWE to issue a statement to The New York Post:

“This abhorrent behavior does not reflect WWE’s values and we have zero tolerance for these unacceptable acts. We are working to ban those involved from future events and per our policies, any inappropriate actions result in the removal from the live stream,” WWE said in a statement.

In addition to Benoit and KKK imagery, there have been reports of Super Mario getting onto the screen, a man in a KKK robe waving a Confederate flag and more.

WWE will looking to tighten down the virtual fan experience as they move forward. We have more in today’s installment of Ask WNC.


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