WWE Makes Major Changes To Raw And Smackdown Writing Teams

There have apparently been some changes to the Raw and Smackdown writing teams, according to Dave Meltzer.

Ryan Ward, who was the lead writer for Smackdown, has been replaced by Ed Kosky. Ed has been the lead writer for Raw and will now look to move to Smackdown and work with Eric Bischoff in preparation for the move to Fox. Vince has been known to tear up the scripts for both shows, but has been doing it almost weekly with Smackdown. Meltzer said it has been known for a while that change would be coming.

Over on the Raw side, Jonathan Baeckstrom will take over as lead writer. Baeckstrom has been the lead writer for 205 Live, and will be working under Paul Heyman going forward.

WWE must hope this will freshen ups both shows as we head into the fall season, where the will look to compete with AEW.


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