WWE Monday Night Raw Results (8/24/20) – Orton Gets Revenge

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Monday Night Raw. Here you will find live results of the broadcast that aired on the USA Network on Monday, August 24, 2020.

This week’s show will feature Mark Henry officiating an arm wrestling competition between WWE US Champion Apollo Crews and Bobby Lashley, the return of Aleister Black, the Raw debut of Keith Lee and fallout from SummerSlam. Our WWE Raw preview is located at this link.

This week’s Raw will also be the red brand’s premiere at the WWE ThunderDome at Amway Center in Orlando, FL.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results (8/24/2020)
From the ThunderDome at Amway Center in Orlando, FL

The show opened with heavy pyrotechnics. On tonight’s show, Asuka and Sasha Banks will square off for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship in a Lumberjack match. Apollo Crews and Bobby Lashley will have an arm-wrestling contest and Rey Mysterio will team with Dominik to face Seth Rollins and Murphy.

This Friday on SmackDown: Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and WWE Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt will have a contract signing for a triple-threat title match on Sunday at WWE Payback.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre opened the show. He beat Randy Orton last night because he was hungrier and more determined. McIntyre promised to kick Orton’s head off if they ever got in the ring together again. As McIntyre posed on the stage, he was attacked from behind by Orton. Orton threw him into the video board and into the Gorilla position. The Legend Killer gauged his eyes and punted him. As officials checked on McIntyre, Orton punted him again.

Sarah Schreiber approached Nia Jax backstage and asked what she was doing there. Jax took offense and said she was reinstated. She yelled in Schreiber’s year that she apologized to Pat Buck.

Shayna Baszler came in and compared Jax to Haystack Calhoun. Baszler called her an Addams Family reject and welcomed her back.

Shayna Baszler beat WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley w/Sasha Banks via disqualification. Jax was on the stage before the match began. Bayley used a distraction from Banks to take early control. Baszler went to get back in the ring but as she did, Jax yanked her out to cause the disqualification. After the match, Baszler and Jax brawled to the appeasement of Banks and Bayley.

Backstage, Kevin Owens asked where Aleister Black’s locker room was. He entered an it was dark inside. Owens asked if he was coming out for The Kevin Owens Show.

The Kevin Owens Show with Aleister Black. Black, dressed in an all-black suit with a black bandage over his eye, came out. Owens asked how he was doing. Black had him show the footage. As the footage played, Black took a knee and acted like his eye was hurting. KO called for help. Out of nowhere, Black hit Owens with a back elbow and a spinning kick to the head. Officials came out to check on Owens as Black walked out.

Charly Caruso with Sasha Banks and Bayley. Banks said she will win her title back tonight and Bayley stated she will take care of Nia Jax and Baszler.

Akira Tozawa beat Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin and R-Truth in a Fatal Four-Way match to win the WWE 24/7 championship. The finish saw Tozawa roll up Truth. After the match, Benjamin beat up the ninjas.

Randy Orton explained he has always done what he wants to whomever he wants but it did not happen at SummerSlam. He failed to make good on his promise to beat McIntyre. McIntyre presented him with an opportunity earlier tonight and he punted him in the head for it. Orton was upset about getting offered a rematch out of pity. Keith Lee interrupted him in his Raw debut. Lee challenged him to a fight, Orton said maybe later and left.

Charly Caruso interviewed Zelina Vega with Angel Garza and Demi Burnett. Vega says she did not poison anyone. Garza downplayed her getting caught but she told him to shut up and get ready for her match. Garza invited Burnett and Caruso to ringside with him.

Later tonight: Randy Orton will face Keith Lee.

Montez Ford with Angelo Dawkins beat Angel Garza with Andrade & Demi Burnett. Prior to the match, they aired a pre-taped promo of The Street Profits remembering Kobe Bryant on 8/24. The solo cups were dropped during their entrance. Two minutes into the match Ivar came out and gave Burnett a turkey leg. She left with him and Dawkins was amused. Ford got the win after hitting his rotating frog splash followed by the pinfall.

Backstage, Nia Jax told Shayna Baszler she was not thrilled about teaming with her but wants the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. Baszler stated she would help her win them if she left her alone. Jax said she should follow her lead. They exchanged blows.

Bianca Belair, Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan beat Zelina Vega & The IIconics in a six-woman tag team match. The Riott squad is back as Riott and Morgan were officially recognized under the name. The finish saw Belair hitting Vega with a right hand and KOD before getting the pinfall.

Backstage, Cedric Alexander beat Richochet in an arm-wrestling contest. Mark Henry walked up and asked for the arm-wrestling apparatus unless Cedric wanted to challenge him. He didn’t. MVP asked Alexander what he was doing. He made his case again for Crews to join the Hurt Business.

Bobby Lashley vs. WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews in an Arm Wrestling Contest. Mark Henry said he requested the Hurt Business Mustafa Ali, Alexander and Ricochet to stay backstage. Lashley didn’t need MVP or Benjamin out there. Crews said he would beat Lashley just like he did MVP at SummerSlam. Lashley got ready, paused to take his suit jacket off, and got back into position. Lashley’s foot was over the line so Crews stomped it and slammed his hand down. Henry declared Crews the winner. Lashley went after Crews but Crews kicked him out of the ring. Benjamin and MVP came out as Lashley argued with Mark Henry.

Charly Caruso interviewed the Mysterio family. Rey and Angie expressed how proud they were of their son. Mysterio informed Rollins that Dominik was the future of Raw.

Lana and Natalya in the ring to honor a future hall of famer. Lana explained Natalya is a future Hall of Famer. She said she’ll get her own ceremony one day because she was the BOAT (best of all time). They were here to honor Mickie James and retire her. Natalya said they have a video package of Mickie highlights. It’s a blank image and they laughed. Mickie James came out and attacked Natalya and Lana.

Lashley won a shoot fight on Raw Underground. Dolph Ziggler got in to face Lashley but he has to fight Ivar later. Lashley eventually threw ZIggler out of the ring into a wall. Lashley knocked another guy out with a kick to the arm.

Keith Lee beat Randy Orton by disqualification. Lee debuted new entrance music and wore a sleeveless shirt. They went back and forth but when Orton set up for an RKO, Drew McIntyre came out and pulled him out of the ring, causing the disqualification. Orton managed to escape.

Drew McIntyre said he was happy for Lee, who he called a friend but did not need him fighting his battles. McIntyre looked into the camera and Orton attacked him from behind. He punted him again. Several officials ran in and stopped him for doing anything else. After a commercial break, Caruso was outside the trainer’s room and said McIntyre could have a skull fracture or bleeding in the brain, which could be career-threatening or worse.

Asuka beat Sasha Banks w/Bayley to retain the WWE Raw Women’s Championship in a Lumberjack match. There were several women who surrounded the ring. This match went back and forth but the finish happened after Bayley grabbed a chair but Shayna Baszler took her out. The distraction allowed Asuka to apply the Asuka Lock on Banks to win the match by submission.

An ambulance took Drew McIntyre away. Caruso interviewed Keith Lee, who said McIntyre was one of the toughest men he knew and would be ok. The same cannot be said for Randy Orton.

Lashley beat down Cedric Alexander on Raw Underground until MVP made his stop. Ivar knocked Lashley down so Hurt Business went after him. Erik walked in and the teams brawled. Lashley made Ivar submit. Shane McMahon announced that was all for tonight.

Dominik & Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy ended in no contest. Dominik and Rey attacked Rollins and Murphy as they entered. Rollins and Murphy fought them off and the action went to the ring. Things went back and forth with Rey and Dominik landing a double 619 on Murphy. As Dominik went for a Frog Splash, he hesitated as the lights flickered. Rollins threw him off the top. Lights back up and Retribution were in the ring. Rollins left and the faction beat up both of the Mysterios. Rollins and Murphy watched from the stage as the show faded.


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