WWE SummerSlam: WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Kevin Owens comes out. He calls the virtual fans “all his friends” as he’ll be on announce for this one.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match
– The Street Profits (c) vs. Andrade & Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega

During the entrance of The Street Profits, solo cups blast throughout the ramp. When they get in the ring, the same thing happens.

The start:

Montez Ford starts the match with Andrade. Ford is all business starting out, as he hits a flying clothesline to take his opponent down. He follows it with a hurracarrana with his opponent on the top rope.

Mid-match notes:

Ford makes a tag and does a suicide flip onto the outside onto the challengers. They catch him. The legal men are Ford and Angel Garza. Garza baseball slid into Ford to the outside. Back inside, Garza a two count. He then locked in a submission hold. Kevin Owens yells at Zelina to “do better.”

Montez Ford is on the ropes as Garza hits him off. Andrade tags himself in and locks in an armbar on Montez. He sits on his opponent but the virtual crowd makes some noise to help him break it. Garza is tagged in and runs at Ford in the corner. Cover for two. He sets Ford up on the ropes and taunts the fans. Tree of woe position for Ford, as Garza is tagged back in. A double team maneuver and another near fall.

Angelo Dawkins has had limited involvement in the match so far. Garza and Andrade continue to exchange tags. It’s Andrade now and Ford counters with a kick and a tag. Dawkins is in the match. Spinning elbow off the ropes from Dawkins. Angelo was on a role but Andrade hit a huge back elbow. Angelo speared him in a counter.

Ford is tagged back in and hits a huge spot off the ropes onto Garza but Garza gets the cover and uses the ropes for the illegal cover. The referee saw him. Zelina Vega gets on the apron as Garza goes for his finisher.

The finish:

Ford slips out and tags in Dawkins. Cash Out and Ford off the top with an amazing For Splash onto Garza for the three count. Winners & STILL WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, The Street Profits

After the match, Ford sits on the lap of Kevin Owens. KO announces tomorrow night on Raw, he’s bringing back The Kevin Owens Show and is inviting Aleister Black as his guest.


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