Backstage News From WWE Clash Of Champions

– Samoa Joe returned to the Raw announce team at Clash of Champions and it’s believed he will work tonight’s show. He had a few weeks off, as did Tom Phillips. It was the first time Phillips, Saxton and Joe had worked together in quite some time. For those that have asked, it remains unknown if Joe has an announcer’s contract or if he is working under his Performer’s Contract. Joe has not been medically cleared since suffering a concussion during a commercial shoot back in February.

– Angel Garza is scheduled for imaging on Monday to determine the severity of his injury. It’s believed he either tore his quadriceps or suffered a hip injury in the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship match. The former would be much more serious and require a prolonged absence. Reports were initially bleak but there was a degree of optimism towards the end of the pay-per-view. The referee was told to go to an aborted finish but he was unable to convey this to Andrade, who clearly kicked out at two. The outcome was not changed as The Street Profits were scheduled to retain.

– Roman Reigns received rave reviews backstage for his match against Jey Uso. His character isn’t being booked as a straight heel but a slow turn, which is something he pushed for in his return to company. Reigns wanted to be paired with Paul Heyman and wanted something different. He could still change his theme music but the shirt-less look was part of his character’s new direction.

– There was some thought Drew McIntyre looked weak in the Ambulance Match for the WWE Championship, needing the help of the legends to finish off Randy Orton. It’s a point that can be made by Orton if WWE chooses to continue the program. McIntyre suffered some lacerations from the match but escaped without serious injury.

– While this is more of a reflection of the enthusiasm surrounding WWE NXT, we can confirm that Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens have all pitched matches that involve the NXT brand. Whether or not Triple H will sign off on them happening remains to be seen.


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