Backstage News On COVID-19 In WWE, Updated Case Count, Frustration Over Testing, Impact On Other Companies

– Apollo Crews was considered “iffy” for WWE’s The Horror Show at Extreme Rules over the weekend before eventually not being cleared. As reported, Crews was pulled from the show due to concerns over his COVID-19 test. There are friends of Crews that believe he is COVID-19 positive but there is nothing to confirm that as the company must protect the health data of their talent.

– As far as COVID-19 in WWE, there is frustration over how testing is being handled. The issue has to do with talent being able to work with a pending test. WWE is also not testing as often as the major sports leagues.

– Social distancing has improved in the WWE locker room following top stars such as Kevin Owens being vocal about talent not taking the virus seriously. Once Owens threatened to leave the July 3rd taping, WWE instituted their mask-wearing policy and implemented stricter social distancing guidelines.

– There has been a total of at least 60 cases in WWE since testing was started. That number includes talent, production and employees.

– Top tier workers and people higher up on the card are seen to have an advantage over lower tier talent. Right now, a lot of COVID-19 cases are attributed to travel and going out to restaurants. Talent with more resources are traveling in their tour buses, eliminating the risk from air travel and have personal chefs to cook their meals.

– COVID-19 is not just a WWE problem. We have heard from talent in other locker rooms who state the virus is a major problem and there are a lot of infections throughout the wrestling business as a whole.


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