Chris Jericho Talks Difference In How Tony Khan & Vince McMahon Treat Talent

Chris Jericho has wrestled in various promotions in his three-decade-long career and that includes WWE. He is currently working in All Elite Wrestling and knows how the Superstars are treated there.

While speaking to Andrew Yang on Talk Is Jericho, the topic of how WWE Superstars are treated by the company was mentioned. Andrew Yang revealed he was able to see a WWE contract for a Superstar and realized how WWE Superstars have money taken out of their pockets. He said WWE has saved “hundreds of millions of dollars” due to the peculiar way the contracts are worded, which he said is intentional.

Jericho then explained how Vince McMahon and Tony Khan treat their talents. McMahon clings to old wrestling ideas, while Khan treats his talents similar to how he treats a sports team.

“I think the biggest difference is kind of what we’ve been talking about this whole conversation is that WWE treats the business as a wrestling business because that’s what it’s been for 60 years from Vince’s father and Vince’s grandfather, almost from the old school carny attitude, and you can see that with ‘the independent contractor’ for example. It’s not right, but it’s just the way it is, like I explained.”

“AEW treats things from a sports team perspective. The Khan family owns the Jacksonville Jaguars. They own Fulham Football Club in England. So they treat the company like they treat their football team, and that’s a whole different vibe as how the talent, the athletes [and] the performers get treated.”


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