Jim Ross On If Triple H Ever Refused To Put Someone Over In WWE

During the time from 1996 to 2000, Triple H had not lost a single match at pay-per-views. It seems this is a fact that Jim Ross is not aware of.

Several fans consider Triple H from the early days to be one who used to bury wrestlers and maintain his top position in WWE. Rumors would suggest that he refused to lose in matches, which is why he had a solid pay-per-view record.

On his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross talked about Triple H’s big pay-per-view winning streak. He revealed that he never knew of that statistic. In fact, he never heard of Triple H ever refusing to put anyone over.

“I never heard Triple H refuse to do a job for anybody. He certainly would not tolerate that today if he had talents in NXT or wherever that didn’t want to put somebody over. He wouldn’t go along with it. Sometimes those things are overstated. I didn’t realize until we read our notes that Triple H hadn’t put anybody over on PPV since 1996. To my knowledge in the years I worked with him, and I signed him to his biggest contract because I believed in Triple H from early on, I don’t think that was ever a huge issue. It worked out to where it could be made a case.”

“If you didn’t like Triple H or you didn’t like his relationship with Vince and his relationship with Stephanie, now you are getting into a whole different area.  You are overanalyzing the personal side of this. It’s not necessary. For my money, if I could go back in those days, if you exclude Rock and Austin, there is no match I would rather call than Stone Cold and Triple H. I have that much respect for them because I always knew they were going to bring it. They were going to tell a logical story that I could invest in and follow and as a broadcaster, hopefully, embellish and make better. That whole thing became political, well, he’s the boss’ daughter. That’s all sh*t. Come on. The guy is a hell of a hand and I thought some of that sh*t was unfair. But I get it. I’m not kissing his ass because I want him to hire me. I’m good. I’m just telling you the truth the way I see it and from my heart. He’s a hell of a heel.”


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