Matt Hardy Says Sammy Guevara Accomplished Most Reckless Chairshot In History

Matt Hardy was busted open the hardway when Sammy Guevara threw a steel chair at his face on last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

The spot was botched as Guevara apparently panicked and threw the chair right at Hardy’s face. He was not expecting it and ended up requiring 13 stitches to his forehead. Guevara, who recently returned from suspension, was reportedly spoken to backstage for being reckless. However, Chris Jericho explained all was well when it was learned Hardy was going to be OK. Meanwhile, Hardy took to his YouTube channel to play up the shot and further the storyline.

“Sammy, that literally could have killed me. Congratulations, you’re going to go down in pro wrestling history as the guy who threw the most dangerous, reckless, vicious chairshot in history,” said Hardy. “But that’s not the only thing you’re going to hold when you go down in wrestling history. You’re also going to go down as the person who had the most potential. Unlimited potential but never lived to realize it. Because now it is my mission, it is my duty Sammy to end you.”

You can watch Hardy’s latest embedded in the player above.


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