Sonya Deville Stalker Incident Could Bring New Law For Celebrity Protection

Last month, Sonya Deville’s life was in jeopardy. A man by the name of Philip Thomas II had been stalking her online for several years and tried to kidnap Deville.

He finally executed his kidnapping attempt after eight months of planning. He broke into her home, attempting to abduct Deville from her home on August 17th. Thankfully, his plan failed.

Deville was granted a temporary injunction against her stalker, which had been extended to November 12th, which is when Thomas’ trial begins.

Deville’s incident has brought to light the risks of making the addresses of the residential homes of celebrities public knowledge. According to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is currently talk on “both sides of the aisle in the Florida legislature” to introduce a new bill which will allow celebrities to list their homes without disclosing their addresses.

“The idea is that major sport pro athletes, wrestlers who appear on television and actors and actresses from SAG cards would be able to get their home addresses made confidential within the state.”

With the introduction of this bill, incidents similar to what happened with Sonya Deville will be curbed as potential stalkers will not be able to find out the addresses of celebrities easily.


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