TNT Contacts AEW About A Controversy Involving One Of Their Top Stars

Chris Jericho’s rock band Fozzy was trending on social media over the weekend as photographs from a recent Fozzy concert went viral, photographs which showed no social distancing and very few face masks among those attending the concert.

At least one executive at TNT became aware of the controversy because AEW received an email from the network about it over the weekend. There is concern that Jericho being AEW’s biggest star and being so public about not taking pandemic safety seriously reflects poorly on the network, although Jericho’s previous comments about his views on COVID-19 precautions did not receive nearly as much attention as the recent Fozzy concert did.

Jericho was asked to tone down some of his public stances about how people should handle the pandemic, which he has done. As of this writing, AEW hasn’t spoken to Jericho yet about TNT’s concerns. A source who works high up in production at AEW said, “Chris has Tony [Khan] wrapped around his finger, nobody is going to say anything to him about the [Fozzy] shows.”


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