Why Vince McMahon Did Not Speak To Zelina Vega

Zelina Vega was fired by WWE last week. According to reports, she was not given the chance speak to Vince McMahon before she was escorted out of the building.

As reported by Fightful Select, they did not find it surprising that Vega was not allowed to speak to Vince McMahon. Multiple wrestlers told them that it was very hard to get a chance to speak to him even as a current Superstar.

One Smackdown Superstar said that he was made to wait for many weeks after being called-up, to get the opportunity to speak to McMahon. The report also stated that Zelina Vega “had asked to speak to Vince McMahon to tell him goodbye, and the offer to do so was declined.” It was not said she was escorted out of the building.

It was also noted that “several wrestlers shared personal words of encouragement to Zelina following the move.”


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