WWE NXT Results (9/08/20) – Super Tuesday II

Welcome to our live coverage of tonight’s episode of WWE NXT on USA Network. Please read our preview of the broadcast. We the crowning of a new NXT Champion and much more.

WWE NXT Results – 9/8/2020
From Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL

NXT Championship Match: Finn Balor def. Adam Cole via pinfall to become the NEW NXT Champion

  • Balor nurses his leg throughout, especially at a pivotal moment when hitting the Coup de Grace. Nearfall following Cole’s superkick.
  • Balor hit 1916 from the top rope and pinned Cole for the win. Balor is now a two-time champion.

Balor celebrates his win backstage. Elsewhere, Aliyah attacks Shotzi Blackheart and they spill into Io Shirai’s photoshoot. Io chases Aliyah to the ring where Aliyah takes some moves from Io and Shotzi. Robert Stone jumps in and gets laid out as well. Shotzi goes to hand Io’s title back to her, but taunts her with it. Io yells, “Don’t make me hurt you!”

Candice and Johnny are at their house. Johnny lets Tegan in and asks about her not bringing pizza. Tegan awkwardly sits at the table with them.

Timothy Thatcher does a study on North American Champion Damian Priest.

Velveteen Dream def. Ashante Adonis (fka Tehuti Miles)

  • 205’s Tehuti has a new name of Ashante Adonis
  • Dream makes fun of Adonis’ gear and slaps him, but Adonis has a huge, brief comeback.
  • Adonis almost kicks the ref accidentally before Dream catches him with the DVD. Dream over.
  • Dream grabs a mic but gets ambushed by Kushida. The refs try to separate them, but Kushida pulls Dream into the ring post multiple times. He puts Dream in a cross-arm breaker on the ropes. Kushdia retreats.

Breezango and Imperium trade shots via pre-taped promos. The two will clash in a title rematch next week.

Johnny leaves Candice and Tegan to talk. Candice escalates quickly and questions why Tegan doesn’t understand the Gargano Way.

Bronson Reed def. Austin Theory via pinfall

  • This is Theory’s first NXT match since March and first match back since June.
  • Theory gets some spots in, but he crashes under Reed’s weight. Bronson splashes him for the win.

Adam Cole is asked about his big loss. He says the better man won tonight and he does have respect for Balor. However, Cole says the outcome will be a lot different if he does get another shot.

Roderick Strong def. Killian Dain via pinfall

  • Bobby Fish tries get involved at several points
  • Fish distracting Killian and the ref leads to Strong hitting Dain with a knee to the face for the win
  • After, Strong and Fish beat down on Dain until Drake Maverick clears them out with a steel pipe. Maverick ends up getting beat down.
  • Drake goes to shake Dain’s hand, but Dain wipes him out

Candice raises a toast to her becoming the next NXT Women’s Champion. Tegan asks why it has to be Candice. Candice says Tegan had her chance. Tegan reminds her that she hasn’t beaten Io either. Candice throws a salad at Tegan’s face. Nox retaliates, so Johnny comes in to break it up. Tegan dumps spaghetti on Gargano. Tegan damages the TV and then runs out the door.

Damian Priest is informed that he’ll defend the North American Title against Timothy Thatcher next week. Priest says Thatcher doesn’t need a game plan and that he just needs to watch. Priest says there’s no chance he’ll lose the title in his first defense.

In addition to the two title matches next week, Io Shirai will face Shotzi Blackheart.

Steel Cage Match: Rhea Ripley def. Mercedes Martinez via pinfall

  • Mercedes loads up the ring with chairs until Ripley rushes her outside the ring. Ripley pushes her in the ring and throws in a table before the bell.
  • Toward the end, Stone climbs the cage and Ripley tries whacking him with a stick. She meets him at the top, but Mercedes strikes her in the back twice. Mercedes hits a neckbreaker from the top rope. Stone dangles at the top.
  • Ripley beats Mercedes through a table with Riptide from the top rope. She covers for the three.

Ripley celebrates at the top of the cage to close the show.


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