WWE Superstar Trolls AEW & “Smarks” Over Jericho Title Win; Richard Reacts

A fan on Instagram posted the following comments about Chris Jericho winning the AEW World Championship at last night’s All Out pay-per-view:

”So… For all the shit WWE gets about having older guys go over younger talent, Friendly reminder that the current AEW World Champ will be 49 in November. Now I like Jericho but keep that same energy. #AEWAllOut”

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin commented with this from his verified Instagram:

“All of these smarks have hated and complained about everything we do. Now they are forced to love everything these guy do, even when it’s the exact same thing. It really shows how dumb they really are.”

Here’s a screen capture:

Richard Reacts: Chris Jericho as AEW World Champion – the promotion can’t premiere on TNT w/o a well known top guy. Sometimes the IWC just doesn’t get it. AEW isn’t aiming to be ROH, they’re wanting to be mainstream. Hardcore fans aren’t who they should be trying to please – it’s the mainstream 18-39 demo WWE abandoned a decade ago. Originally Posted on Facebook

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