Young Bucks On Marko Stunt Replacing Luchasaurus, Putting Over Private Party

The Young Bucks talked to about Marko Stunt replacing Luchasaurus and about them putting over Private Party.

“Instead of panicking, we all just came together and made a decision on what to do,” Nick Jackson said. “We worked very well on the fly. We told Marko [Stunt] that this was his night. We switched that match with the SCU versus Best Friends. I feel like we hit a home run. You have to really be able to work on the fly and make adjustments that quick.”

“We wanted to face this tag team in the first round. We know that moment would be huge for them,” Nick Jackson said in regards to Private Party. “For them to deliver such a great performance four or five years into their professional wrestling career, it was mind-blowing. Isiah is 22-years-old for crying out loud. If I was 22 years old and was in his same spot. If I was about to perform in front of a TNT audience, I would be nervous. You couldn’t read that on both of them. I told Matt afterward that they are obviously ready to become stars.”

“It really felt like they belonged. We can talk and plan for months like we did. We set the whole thing up, but sometimes things don’t really happen the same…But sometimes things click,” said Matt Jackson. “Story was told almost perfectly. I watched the match back, and usually I can’t stand watching my matches back because I’m a bit of a perfectionist. However, for me, with the time given, the story we were able to tell, that is almost as perfect as a match you can have. They played their roles flawlessly. I feel that night they were made. I’m really happy for them.”


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