Dancers Absent From Raw Underground Segments Amid Criticism

WWE has apparently scrapped the female dancers from the Raw Underground segments, as they were removed from the segments on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

While this week’s show was taped last week with the week prior’s episode, it is unknown if they were edited out or just not featured. It is also unknown if they will be featured again.

The women dancers were featured prominently in at least one of the premiere segments last week as seen in the video below:

Alundra Blayzer, formerly known as Madusa, and Lance Storm spoke out against WWE for utilizing the women while also promoting the evolution and equality of women.

WWE Superstar Liv Morgan tweeted, asking for the dancers to return next week.

“Hey .. #RawUndwrground… can we bring back the dancers next week,” Morgan wrote.

Last week, CM Punk explained no holds barred fights and strippers were all he wants to see.

We have WWE Raw results available at this link.


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