Edge Spotted At Recent WWE TV Tapings

Every time rumors creep up that Edge could be returning to a WWE ring, he immediately takes to Twitter to dismiss them.  Despite the denials, different reports continue to surface to make fans think otherwise.

There are new reports claiming that Edge has been seen around several WWE TV tapings lately.

He could be there doing behind-the-scenes work as it’s a known fact he has a new WWE contract that he signed a couple of months ago.  Shortly after that, he made an appearance at SummerSlam, where he gave Elias the spear.  That spot alone suggests he has at least a semblance of medical clearance.  There is no way WWE would have allowed him to do it otherwise.

The rumor has never been for Edge to return on a full-time basis but a limited select few dates, something common for bigger WWE names used as top stars.  Edge’s neck is feeling better and he’s gotten back in shape after going through a rough time when his mother died.  He’s also talked about looking into stem cell treatment, something that has benefitted other wrestlers.

“To be perfectly honest, I think I could do a match tomorrow,” Edge said on his podcast last August. “I might be blown up but I’d be okay. It’s just from what I know with the WWE medical staff, they won’t allow. It is what it is, right?”

While WWE has been extremely cautious allowing talent to come back from serious head/neck injuries, both Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle got clearance.  There is certainly a possibility the same could happen for Edge.  However, we are expecting swift denials of this rumor again but the one takeaway for sure is Edge has been at TV lately and there certainly could be more to it.


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