Kelly Klein Fired By Ring Of Honor Via Email

Joey Mercury took to Twitter to expose more backstage Ring of Honor drama on Thursday.

This time it was by way of email screenshots from ROH COO Joe Koff to current WOH Champion Kelly Klein.

In the email, Koff informed Klein that her current deal with the company will expire at the end of the term, which is rumored to be the end of this year, because of her breach of contract.

“The company is firm that pursuant to your contract, section 15 – you have breached our existing agreement by sharing confidential documents and emails with another contractor, who used the material to defame and slander the company and one of its key officers, Greg Gilleland. You also used your social media presence to help this contractor’s twitter account gain traction, and to validate his claims, which further your involvement in these actions. This was painful to watch.

Personally, I always appreciated the level of open communication we have had with our talent, and the ability to approach Greg or I anytime you had an idea or thoughts to improve any aspect of the company.

So despite the clear breach of your contract and ethical requirements, I still appreciate the time you have spent with ROH. Therefore, rather than pursue the breach which would terminate our existing agreement right now and enact a 6 month non-compete, I have decided to let your current agreement continue as it is and then expire at the end of the term. Also at this time, we are also choosing not to continue with our ongoing negotiations that began in July. We will follow up with written correspondence outlining the same.”

You can read the full email in the screenshots embedded below:

Klein has been out of action with a concussion but has been vocal on Twitter about the lack of concussion protocol within ROH.

Mercury also revealed a few weeks ago that Klein wouldn’t make $24K/year because it meant all the women in the company would have to make the same amount.

Ring of Honor will be hosting a talent summit on Friday to address some of the issues that have been brought to light. It’ll be interesting to see what news, if any, comes out of it.