Marty Jannetty Updates Fans After Surgery

Marty Jannetty continues to be a controversial figure in the world of professional wrestling due to his posts on social media. For a long time, he needed to have an operation which he could not afford, but it seems he finally managed to get the surgery done.

Jannetty talked about his ankle issues in the past and how he needed surgery for it. He simply could not afford the procedure and due to his troubling lifestyle, people such as Diamond Dallas Page distanced himself from him.

He took to Facebook and made a post, where he revealed that he had successful surgery for his ankle. He is now waiting for a second surgery.

“ALL IS GOOD IN DA HOOD AND HOLLY WOOD IF SHE COULD!!It’s possibly my best Thanksgiving ever..hurts a little today but reconstructive ankle surgery was successful..4 more months and we get the other one..Thank you so much Dr Lee Mac!!Only thing tho’ The SwagStar immediately took my crutches & wheelchair as his own..and the WagStar took my mink-chinchilla skin loofah as his new imitation glass condo second floor crash pad..BUT..We all 3 are wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!! Did ya hurrrrrd us?? Loves y’all all!!”


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