Paige Involved In Horrific Stalker Incident

Paige and her boyfriend Ronnie Radke were involved in a horrific stalker incident today. Earlier today, a man made his way to the front door of Paige and Ronnie’s residence. As recounted by Paige, the stalker said that “symbols” led him to their house.

Sensing the threat, her boyfriend Ronnie quickly grabbed hold of the stalker until the police arrived.

Scariest thing ever. He told us symbols led him to us. But Ronnie got him in a hold until police got there. Wtf is wrong with people… thank god Ronnie is around to protect our house. Jesus.

Roddie Radke also commented on the stalker incident: “a stalker had the audacity to come to my door, got his ass handed to him until police arrived and saved the day. I will fucking kill you. Please don’t make me kill you.”

Thankfully, the stalker was subdued and handed over to the police. This is not the first stalker related incident to happen to a WWE Superstar. Sonya Deville was also a victim was she was almost abducted by a stalker earlier in the year.