WWE $39 Million Lawsuit Settlement Apparently ‘A Lost Resort’

WWE recently settled a $39 million class-action lawsuit about their dealings with Saudi Arabia.

The lawsuit alleged they that intentionally kept crucial information to themselves from their stockholders regarding their relationship with Saudi Arabia. This was also added to the fact that WWE Superstars were stranded in Saudi Arabia for a whole day owing to a “mechanical failure.”

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about the lawsuit. Meltzer said that he counted 21 different lawsuits copying the original one, many of which involved people with high power. He said that they had witnesses, and discovery was close to happening. Nothing would have come out that had not already been reported, but Meltzer says those details would just have been confirmed.

He then mentioned that the settlement was double that of the Owen Hart case, and people should not think that WWE “settled for nothing.” WWE’s insurance premiums would apparently go very high due to it. He then said that knowing Vince, the settlement was a last resort. He almost never settles unless he has to or the case is very small, but no settlement has been so high in the company’s history.


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