WWE NXT Superstar Has Car And Ring Gear Stolen

WWE NXT Superstar Shotzi Blackheart claimed Tuesday morning on social media her car was stolen Monday night in Orlando. Included in the car was all of her ring gear.

“My car was stolen outside my apartment last night in Orlando. 2015 WHITE HONDA CIVIC LYTP77 last tracked driving down chickasaw at 5am,” Blackheart wrote.

“Also my gear bag with all my gear, boots, entrance jacket and helmet were in the trunk. If you are wondering why I’m wrestling in street clothes and dont have my helmet that is why,” she continued.

Blackheart explained she was most upset about losing her helmet.

“Im mostly sad about my helmet… my first day of training seven years ago I saw that helmet hung up on the wall next to the ring. I looked at it everyday I went to training. Finally when it was time for me to start having matches I asked my trainers if I could have it. RIP HELMET,” Blackheart tweeted.

“Man. That helmet watched me take my first bump and travelled the world with me,” she concluded.

The original tweets are below:


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