WWE Payback: WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match
– Bayley & Sasha Banks (c) vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

The start:

Nia Jax was going to start out but Shayna Baszler tags herself in. She goes at Sasha Banks. Banks lands a drop kick but gets on the middle rope and Baszler tees off. Banks counters with a modified abdominal stretch.

Mid-match notes:

Baszler tosses Banks to the outside. Bayley comes in and hooks in a waist lock. Baszler counters it into a hammer lock. Banks is back and takes down Baszler and gets a two count. She then locks in an abdominal stretch on the mat. Shayna gets up but Banks lands two suplexes. She tags in Bayley and they double team her. Sasha wanted three amigos ala Eddie Guerrero but couldn’t get them.

Nia his selling her left knee as she stopped a pin. Now Bayley and Banks are going at Jax but she absolutely dominates both of them. Baszler tags in Nia Jax who steamrolls through Bayley. She throws the SmackDown Women’s Champion around and lands a splash in the corner. She drops an elbow and gets a two count. Jax lifts Bayley up but she counters. Bayley tries to knock Baszler off the apron but she doesn’t. Banks comes in and hits a chop block on Jax.

The Champions double team Jax in the corner. Banks is the legal woman as she attacks Jax. She lands a nice dropkick in the ring. Bayley is tagged in The double team works to perfection. They have isolated Jax away from her partner. Bayley works the leg of Nia Jax as Michael Cole talks about her history of knee injuries. Jax recovers and lands an ugly slam on Bayley. She picks her up and puts her above her head. Banks comes in and gets the Samoa drop. She goes for a leg drop on Bayley but Bayley locks in a submission hold.

Nia Jax gets to her feet and drags Bayley with her to Baszler. Shayna is legal and she takes out the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Basler hits a sliding knee on Banks and one for Bayley. Gutwrench powerbomb from Basler onto Bayley for the two count. Banks is tagged in but she walks right into Baszler and a gutwrench powerbomb. Baszler tags in Nia Jax. The Champions are double teamed with a double splash.

Nia goes for a powerbomb but Banks counters. Jax went face first into the mat and Cole teases she may have a broken nose. Banks is down but Bayley is off the apron. Bayley climbs back up and tags in. She goes to the top rope but Banks tagged in prior. Banks hits a Frog Splash and they get a two count. Banks and Bayley trying to figure out how to regroup.

Banks hits a sliding knee on her opponent. Banks goes to the apron and attacks Jax on the inside. She gets back in and tags Bayley. They go for a double team but Jax counters and tags Baszler. Bayley and Banks hit a double back body drop on Jax. Banks gets attacked by Baszler as Shayna goes for a submission hold. Bayley in for the save.

The finish:

Baszler is able to lock in the Kirifuda Clutch on Bayley and she taps out. We have new champions.

Winners & NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Shayna Baszler & Sasha Banks

After the match, Baszler and Jax are interviewed in the ring and are hyped up. Banks and Bayley are beside themselves.


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