WWE Planning Controversial Ending To Royal Rumble Match?

WWE Creative plans on writing interesting storylines for fans. Now it seems the company might go with a controversial ending for next year’s Royal Rumble.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez talked about some creative scenarios WWE might have planned for the Royal Rumble. He gave a scenario that apparently has been pitched in WWE. It would see the two Superstars remaining in the ring while the #30 entrant has yet to come out. The two Superstars would eliminate themselves and then number 30 saunters down to the ring and becomes the winner of the match.

Alvarez said there is no guarantee if WWE will go with the idea, but WWE has definitely been considering it.

It was also noted that when Daniel Bryan was not medically cleared to compete, some thought this idea was made for him. That would have given him a Royal Rumble win and he would not have to take any bumps.

It was then said that WWE could use this idea for Lana as she could compete at WrestleMania.


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