When WWE Wanted To Be Associated With Trump, Favorite Era, A Fourth WWE Brand?, Folkstyle Wrestling

What were your thoughts on Donald Trump in WWE?

Donald Trump was great in WWE. I have talked about this before but it is a situation where politics ruins everything. Prior to becoming a controversial politician, Trump was more of a status symbol. People wanted to be associated with the Trump brand and he always got over in WWE. This was both in front of the audience and behind-the-scenes with the other Superstars. Now the name Donald Trump is barely brought up backstage in WWE because of the polarizing nature of the United States political landscape. Vince McMahon is one of Trump’s closest friends and Linda McMahon heads up a Trump Super PAC and has continued to push baseless allegations of voter fraud. It’s the world we live in.

What was your favorite era of wrestling?

Most people would say the Attitude Era but my favorite era was the years leading up to it. From May 27, 1996 on I was hooked. I was a fan for many years before then but this is when Scott Hall debuted on Monday Nitro and went on to form the greatest faction in wrestling history in the nWo. This resulted in the WWF upping their game and every week I would burn the remote up switching from show to show. Those days are so far past us I cannot imagine being that excited for Monday night again. It can be recreated but hinges on promotions creating storylines and characters that engage the audience. There is also far too much content out there nowadays.

Do you think the WWE should have a fourth brand? Like WCW on the WWE Network.

WWE struggles to book Raw and SmackDown effectively. NXT is a different story but there is too much content already. I want to see WWE create entertaining television with what they have, not dilute it even further.

Can you incorporate folkstyle/freestyle moves in actual pro wrestling or is there a rule to stipulate that you cannot?

Folkstyle wrestling is amateur wrestling and is already incorporated in professional wrestling. Mat holds and submission techniques have been incorporated for decades in this business. We have also learned through accomplished amateur wrestlers such as Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle they usually translate very well to the squared circle.

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