Cody On Truth Behind Rhodes Name, Omega Disparaging NXT, More

Cody Rhodes participated in a media conference call on Tuesday to hype the premiere of AEW Dynamite. Below are some notes from the call:

* Cody said he’ll never disparage NXT and he believes Kenny Omega was in-character for his comments.

* Cody doesn’t use the Cody Rhodes name because he liked getting one name, The American Nightmare Cody over. He said WWE isn’t holding the name hostage, he just refers being Cody. He says he got the rub off the Rhodes name long enough.

* Cody said African American representation is important for AEW.

* He doesn’t want members of the AEW roster to feel like he did in WWE – underutilized, while the company relies on nostalgia.

* AEW is looking at four or five big pay-per-views a year and maybe some other supplemental shows.

* Cody said NXT to the USA Network was a reactionary move and that’s not a negative.

* Cody wants to buy the name “War Games” and confirmed they have Bunkhouse Stampede and BattleBowl trademarked.

* AEW is scheduled to tour the UK in 2020.

Audio of the call is embedded above.


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