Joey Ryan Sues Impact Wrestling For Breach Of Contract


Joey Ryan was among many names called out during the #SpeakingOut movement. He was fired by Impact Wrestling due to the allegations against him and it seems he is now suing his former employer.

According to a report by PW Insider, Joey Ryan filed a lawsuit against Impact Wrestling’s parent company Anthem Wrestling LLC, stating that the company is in a breach of contract. He is currently seeking $10 million.

In the lawsuit, it was alleged that Ryan “signed a contract on 9/1/19 that was slated to run through 8/31/21 but that contract was breached when Impact Wrestling Executive Scott D’Amore emailed Meehan on 6/22 to inform him that the company was no longer going to be booking him due to ‘recent allegations.’”

It was said that following the email, Ryan was given a formal release notice from Impact Wrestling. It was said that the end of his contract was being “amended” on June 22nd and they released him.

It was said that Anthem Wrestling did not perform as guaranteed in the “expressed language of the contract to follow and abide by the terms prescribed” in the terms of termination in the contract. His lawsuit also stated that Anthem Wrestling “failed to perform as guaranteed by failing to adhere to the express terms.”